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Covid awarness collector Malappuram

Malappuram slang receives special attention among Malayalees as it is unique and hard to understand. It has been maintained and celebrated with pride.When a pandemic is spreading undefeated, public awareness and precautions are the most important shield to defend. So, Cam makes use of its sweet slang to communicate with Malappuram people. Malappuram slang is strategically used to design posters for Malappuram District Collector’s official page and these posters won public recognition and applause during the unprecedented time.

This poster is influenced by the video of 9 year old Fayes from Malappuram. The philosophy he expresses while facing a crisis is remarkable. The language in which he has communicated his positive nature and optimistic attitude is adapted for Malappuram Collector’s Covid-19 Jagratha poster.

Onam 2020 Malappuram collector


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