Lazva was one among the brands that came to us for total rebranding. The brand had super potential as a product but lacked conceptual design and marketing prowess. The initial packaging designs they had were not enough to meet the growing demands and attention-seeking market. Though the Director of Lazva was open to creativity and growth of their entity, it was way easier for us as the client part was compromising. 

We came up with the concept of “Fruit People”. We assigned and beautified each fruit with a distinct concept and idea that would deliver fine and market better. Lazva’s palatable Grape Juice was then named “Munthiri Mol”, the Tropical Guava as “Perakka Pappa” and the sweet yellow Pineapple as “Pineapple Chettan”. Rather than merely focusing on the identity design, we gave ample importance to the product design as well and that made a considerable difference.


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