Luca soccer academy

Luca Football Academy is a platform that came from a true-hot passion for football. The Academy is totally committed to bringing potential footballers that lead the country soon in the realm of soccer. Navas Luca, known as Luca locally, is a man with a ball of ideas. He approached CAM for branding and there was no way we could say ‘no’ to anything related to football. It was his very plan to start-up an academy that fulfills the dream of every Indian football lover.

Luca Football Academy is set to meet international standards and so is its work. It was in action for about three years now. The Academy has successfully played in various leagues and achieved considerable positions. The syllabus and tactics are purely unique and that is what makes it different from other football academies around. CAM’s branding work gained the firm more credibility and professionalism in the field they work in.


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